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January Newsletter: Happy New Year!

Enjoying our Movie Outing!

2023 Community Impacts

Happy New Year! As we wrapped up 2023, We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Your support and involvement make Bit of Faith Ranch a haven of hope, respite, and acceptance. We look forward to the upcoming year and the continued growth of our community. 


Bit of Faith Ranch 2023 Community Impact Recap


Riding Program:

Engaged a dedicated team of 46 volunteers who collectively contributed 658 service hours.

Supported 35 riding and equine-assisted service participants through 172 sessions.


Fostered a connection with the community by involving 30 Mustang volunteers in 13 sessions, including 4 Adult Program school visits.


Recreation Activities:

Hosted 11 movie events, providing entertainment for 38 different families and reaching 114 moviegoers. We gifted a total of 454 movie tickets for our community movie outings.


Promoted community engagement with 3 open houses, 4 visits from BridgeHaven, BiG, and the St. Johns County Life Works program.


Respite Programs:

Organized 10 impactful Respite Events, bringing together 36 Moms + Caregivers, with a total of 84 respite attendees.


Hosted a special Moms + Caregivers Retreat for 9 participants, offering a unique and restorative experience.


Facilitated 5 Respite Events for Dads + Caregivers, attracting 14 participants and a total of 29 meet-up attendees.


Bit of Faith Ranch continues to make a profound impact on our community by providing equine-assisted services, recreational activities, and vital respite support, fostering a sense of connection and encouragement for all participants.


Thank you for being an essential part of the Bit of Faith Ranch family.


A Festive Break and Exciting Upgrades!

As we enjoyed a wonderful holiday break, the ranch continued to buzz with activity and improvements. Despite a temporary pause in our riding sessions, there's so much to share!


New Spectator Area: We are thrilled to announce the installation of a brand-new spectator area, adding to the charm of our beloved ranch. Complete with a covered bench swing and a delightful horse tire swing, this space promises to be a cozy haven for our visitors. A heartfelt thank you to Frank Pflieger and Assistant Store Manager, Erik Holgersen, of The Home Depot at Durbin Park for generously donating supplies, and a special shout-out to Eric Romanczuk for his dedication in designing and building this wonderful addition.


Chicken Comfort from the Mustang Volunteers: Our Mustang Volunteers showcased their skills by assembling new nesting boxes for our beloved chickens. These thoughtful additions provide a cozy retreat for our feathery friends, thanks to the hard work and care of our dedicated volunteers.


Movie Outing Extravaganza - "Wonka": We ended the year with a fantastic Movie Outing to see "Wonka." It was an enchanting experience, bringing together families, laughter, and the joy of shared moments. A big thank you to everyone who joined, making it a memorable event.


Riding Tune-Up for Our Equine Friends: Our four-legged companions also received some special attention during the break. A riding tune-up ensured that our horses are ready for the upcoming sessions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all riders.


As we embark on another exciting year at Bit of Faith Ranch, we extend our appreciation to our supporters, volunteers, and the entire community for making these enhancements and experiences possible. We look forward to creating more wonderful memories together in the coming months!


Sensory Kind Night to Shine

Sensory Kind Night to Shine


Our friends at Special Nation of Redeemer Church are so excited to be an official host church for this year’s Sensory Kind Night to Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Sensory Kind Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older. On one night, hundreds of churches of different denominations from all over the world will come together to celebrate people impacted by disabilities! To find out how you can be a part of this worldwide movement, visit or email




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