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Upcoming Events

Dads + Caregivers February Meetup

at Resolved: Men's Day

FEBRUARY 17, 2024 // FROM 8:30M-1:30PM

Redeemer Church is hosting a one day men’s event this year! Resolved is designed to challenge + encourage men in their walk with God, knowing that He is worth the risk. This event will cost $25 per person, will be full of food and manly stuff for every age man.

Iceman Hockey Game

February 18th, Sunday 3pm 

Thank you to O'Steen Automotive & HEAL! for sponsoring this event

Very Limited suite seating and parking passes

Mustangs Volunteer Day

February 19th, Monday 10:30am -12:00pm (no school)

at Bit of Faith Ranch

Groundwork equine program for high-school age and up for independent skills building

Moms + Caregivers Roundup

Moms + Caregivers Roundup

February 29nd, Thursday, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Musical featuring one of our own moms at the Spotlight Center

A meetup for Moms + Caregivers of loved ones impacted by disabilities

No February Movie Outing
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