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The Story Behind Bit of Faith

Our founder, Tammy Romanczuk, has been riding and caring for horses her entire life.  She also has a son who is impacted by non-verbal autism.  Tammy often gave her son rides around her property, and when they went over a dirt mound she would say, “Up! Up! Up!" and "Down! Down! Down!” 
One day she was not really paying attention and did not say her usual chant, and out of no where she heard her non-verbal son say “Up. Up. Up” as they were going over the hill.  She then realized horseback riding was making a big impact on him. She dreamed of combining her love for horses and her love for her son, and others like him, into something others could benefit from. 
After a few years gaining the skills to offer adaptive riding she began having riding sessions at the ranch. The riders have blossomed as they learned to ride and enjoy a special connection with horses. During the sessions, the parents and caregivers stayed and watched, but it was apparent that they enjoyed the much needed break. 
We decided to add social and recreational outing for the individuals we serve and their families.  Massages, movie outings, and moms night out are some of the recreation and respite activities currently offered. 

“I love being able to share horsemanship skills and equestrian appreciation with the upcoming generations, and to be able to do that while promoting inclusion is the absolute best.”

 Founder ,Tammy Romanczuk 
Our Mission

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing a community where individuals and families impacted by autism and related disabilities can experience belonging, growth, and relationships through horseback riding,
recreation, and respite.

Our Vision

We desire for you to be seen, heard, understood, and accepted. We offer adaptive horseback riding lessons, equine-assisted activities, recreational and social outings, as well as rest opportunities for parents and caregivers.

We provide opportunities for growth. 

We have fun. 

We are resourceful and organized.  


The ranch offers adaptive riding and grooming sessions for individuals impacted by Autism and

related disabilities.

Through building a skillset, bonding with the horses and being around peers and mentors, our goal is that participants will experience joy & a sense of belonging.


The ranch provides recreation activities for our families to enjoy time together and make new friends through events at the ranch, movie outings, waterpark fun, and moms’ nights out. 


Caregivers & parents of children with autism are always "on". 


 When your kids come to ride we want you to enjoy the great outdoors and simply take a rest. 


The Ranch and our organized activities provide opportunities for connection and community.

Board of Directors


Tammy Romanczuk

Founder / Executive Director


Cari McGowan

Board President

Laraine Short 

Kellie Gray

Kammy Davis

Board Treasurer

Board Secretary

Board Member

Noelle NesSmith

Susan Hightower

Alysia Morris

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

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