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Our participants are becoming equestrians and now have a sport to call their own. 

The ranch offers adaptive riding and grooming sessions for individuals impacted by Autism and related disabilities.  In 4 seasons throughout the year, riders are invited to come every other week for a 30 minute session. 


Riders ride with the support of a horse lead, coach, and side-walker.  They groom the horses and enjoy fun activities around the ranch. 

adaptive riding  grooming sessions individuals impacted Autism disabilities riders side-walker equestrians

Our equestrians love to showcase  new skills at the horse show.  It’s a special day for family and friends to see them excel in their sport. Our equestrians received medals at the horse show. 


Our riders are proud of their sport and love having a medal to show their success! Special thanks to Becky and Rich Rose for donating the medals. It’s amazing to watch these kids grow in their sport of horseback riding.

The Benefits of Horses

Recreational, adaptive horseback riding lessons and equine assisted activities make a big impact on our riders and their families can continue to grow and offer more opportunities for the members of our community. They groom the horses and enjoy fun activities around the ranch. 


Horseback riding can have a positive impact on health - body, mind, and soul.  Many of the riders have a special bond with the horses and grow in skills over the season. Horseback riding allows them to experience success and and fulfillment while being active.

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