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The Ranch

The Ranch

At Bit of Faith Ranch, we want to provide individuals impacted by autism or related disabilities with a community they can call their own.
We presume competence on behalf of every participant and volunteer.

Part of our mission is to acknowledge each individual’s ability to express themselves and enjoy the activities that the Barn offers, like riding, grooming, physical exercise and more. 

We provide space for participants and caregivers alike to catch their breath and enjoy nature as a healing balm for their soul.

Our leadership team and volunteers prioritize stewarding our resources responsibly so that we can continue to grow and offer more opportunities for the members of our community.

“You may call this Bit of Faith but I call it a slice of heaven.” - participating Parent


Since our son has become a part of this special program he has blossomed.  We thank God every day for sending you and Bit of Faith Ranch to us.  We love you all!”
- A Rider's Parent


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