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December Newsletter: Fall Season Wrap Up

Comanche wishing everyone a Merry Christmas at our Open House!

Fall Season Wrap Up

As we get ready to celebrate the holidays, we reflect on a heartwarming and successful Fall Season at Bit of Faith Ranch. It has been a season filled with meaningful connections, exciting events, and impactful programs touching the lives of many.

Our Adaptive Riding program continued to be a source of joy and empowerment for participants, fostering a supportive environment where riders and horses create bonds that go beyond the arena. The Mustang Volunteers brought their passion and dedication to our ranch, contributing to the success of our programs and creating lasting memories.

We were delighted to open our doors for an Open House and Special Nation visit, welcoming friends and families to experience the joy of Bit of Faith Ranch. It was a day of laughter, music, and forging connections that will resonate throughout the community.

Moms + Caregivers Roundups and Dads + Caregivers Meetups provided a space for parents and caregivers to share experiences, support one another, and build a network of understanding. These gatherings were filled with warmth, compassion, and a shared commitment to the well-being of our loved ones impacted by disabilities.

In the spirit of community engagement, our Movie Outings provided a chance for everyone to come together, relax, and enjoy a shared experience. Laughter and camaraderie echoed through the theater, creating memories that will be cherished.

We conducted Volunteer Training and Learning sessions, ensuring that our volunteers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact and a safe environment. We are grateful for the commitment of our volunteers, whose contributions are invaluable to the success of Bit of Faith Ranch.

A highlight of the season was helping to host Erik Dellenback of the Governor's Faith and Community Initiative. His insights and encouragement resonated with our mission, reinforcing the importance of faith, community, and collaboration in creating a positive impact.

As we wrap up the Fall Season, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Your support and involvement make Bit of Faith Ranch a haven of hope, healing, and happiness. We look forward to the upcoming seasons and the continued growth of our community. 

Thank you for being an essential part of the Bit of Faith Ranch family.

Thank You Holly Jolly

We were thrilled to be a donation recipient of the 13th annual Holly Jolly shopping spree held on Saturday, November 18th in St. Augustine, Florida.

Two moms were able to enjoy this fabulous events thanks to the generorsity of a Bit of Faith Ranch donor!

Year End Giveaway

November's Faith & Community Champion

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