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June Newsletter: Summer Fun!

Thank you HEAL! for our "Summer Fun" grant to provide riding, recreation and respite opportunities to our participants, their families and the community! You can join us for adaptive riding, an open house, music therapy and more.

A part of the grant funded our move up to a larger movie auditorium! Due to the high demand for this free event, we are now able to host nearly 60 friends and family each month for our movie outing.

Our families love Durbin Park Cinemark Theater. We cannot do what we do without financial support and we are so thankful that HEAL! partners with us to make a difference! Huge thank you to HEAL! for keeping summer fun!

A young boy with brown hair and a tshirt with the Bit of Faith Logo is standing in front of the Cinemark movie theater smiling with his arms extended
One of our friends enjoying a trip to the movies!

Spring Season Wrap Up

You would be so proud of the equestrians who recently completed the Spring Adaptive Riding season. It's so rewarding to see each rider's progress. Several riders were very nervous when they began riding, but now eagerly wait to start their riding session.

Some riders work on independent steering and others use an augmentative communicator to ask their horse to 'walk on' and 'whoa'. They are working on the skill two-point which helps establish balance, leg and core strength, and is the building block to posting.

After each session, our amazing volunteers gather to see what gains each rider has made and strategize on how we can help them to improve their riding skills and ranch experience. Summer Session is right around the corner so riders can keep their riding skills up-to-date.

A young individual riding a brown and white pony with two adults standing next to him.

Not 'Goodbye', but 'See You Later'!

One of our very special volunteers is moving away. Izzy graduated from Ponte Vedra High School and is moving to attend the University of Georgia. She will be pursing her passion for horses in college.

Izzy began as a stable hand the first year of our riding program and quickly moved up to be a horse lead. She developed many new skills while helping others. Sad to see her go, but excited for all that is ahead for this amazing, bright, horse loving gal. Happy Trails!

Woman wearing sunglasses with brown hair is leading a brown horse with a young male rider and another young male assistant with blonde hair is behind her

We need YOUR help!

We are looking for a Grant Writer and Newsletter Writer! If you are interested in either of these roles please contact us. Grants help keep the cost of our programs free to our participants and their families. Our newsletter keeps everyone informed on what's going on at the ranch. Please contact us to join the herd!

Our Mission: We are passionate about providing a community where individuals and families impacted by autism and related disabilities can experience belonging, growth, and relationships through horseback riding, recreation, and respite.

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